In October, I started working in the office of Stephen Timms, Labour MP for East Ham.

Within my first couple of weeks, I learned the London Borough of Newham (East Ham and West Ham together) has 28,000 households accepted onto the housing register. 1 in 25 households in the borough are homeless, more than anywhere else in the country.

The average wait time for housing is over a decade.

10 years or longer on a housing register is a childhood lost to overcrowding, a family’s health lost to damp, and a person’s sense of well-being lost to the weekly process of bidding.

Sadly, mentions of eviction notices or the Homelessness Prevention Service, stopped surprising me a long time ago.

This blog exists to reawaken that surprise, and to turn the so-called housing crisis from an abstract issue into the stories of those whose lives are being shaped by failures in our housing policy.