Gemma* (*not her real name) phoned the office in early January because the closer on the front entrance gate to the block she lives on had been broken.

I think the gate has been broken over 15 times in the last year and each time we have a hard time getting it fixed.

When the closer on the gate is broken, I worry about a break-in happening while I am at work, because I have already had someone try to do this, and my window got smashed in. One of my neighbours can’t sleep because they get so worried.

Chasing the Council is exhausting, and I wish a camera could be installed to make the gate more secure instead of the back and forward when it gets broken.

This time, it took Gemma* and the other residents of the block 7 weeks to get the front entrance gate fixed.

According to research by Shelter, most social renters have a reasonable relationship with their landlord, with 65% of social renters agreeing their landlord resolves issues in their home in a timely way. However, people often talk about frustrations with communication, and long waits for essential work to be completed.

There is also an interesting regional variation in the percentage of social renters who feel their landlord doesn’t consider their interests – 16% in the North East contrasts with 38% in London.


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